Be smart, be mobile, be myDonor®


Green by myDonor®

The cloud-mode web software solution for
small non profit Organizations or Startups

Available in 4 languages:

Italian, Spanish, English and Polish


The cost is very restrained considering all of its functions.

We don't use "commercial gimmicks" - to propose the software as free yet with a limited number of manageable actions or to, as time goes on, to proceed with expensive updates.

We ask you to pay a lean right away, but its price is only € 1,10 per day.

You can use it without any kind of limit regarding data base operations; you can send an infinite number of customized emails and 500 sms for free.
Since it is based on cloud system, you can use it with any browser on any device, with no limits, benefitting from a real and safe farm such as Telecom's in Rozzano Milanese.

Additionally, to ensure that our product suits our clients' needs, we offer a 10 days free trial, with 0 costs and 0 obligation.

It is a user friendly solution which takes with its own the whole myDonor® experience, aspect that makes it unique when compared to other solutions on the market.

The integrated cloud system and web user interface allows its usage from any browser or device from anywhere at any time.

Features offered by GreenbymyDonor ®:

  • Full web interface
  • Donors' records management
  • Works with external files
  • Available with donations from banks, credit cards, cash, ecc…
  • Campaign/Actions structure management
  • Received donations assegnation to projects and/or adopted
  • Historicization of every action
  • Donations historical and statistics summary
  • Donator's RFM value calculation
  • Advanced search engine
  • Default templates for "thank you" letters for mail, email and SMS formats
  • Build HTML templates with wysiwyg editor
  • Yearly donations report
  • Donations data extraction in Excel file format
  • No bandwidth limits, integrated anti-spam system
  • Dashboard and ROI (Return Of Investment) printing
  • Customized statistics
  • Address normalization (suggest) and email verification
  • The database uses the same structure as myDonor®, allowing advanced data sharing between the two products